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Colin July 10th 2011

Colin July 10th 2011


Paul kindly took this photo of Colin’s memorial at Kirkcaldy Crematorium.

It’s hard to believe it has been 4 years already!

Thanks to everyone who visited Colin, I’m sure he is in your thoughts.


  • Nadia Rhouma Gray

    Thinking of you all always, this week is also the anniversary of my sorely missed brother Hedi’s death. I really hope you get justice for Colin, love to you all xxxx

    • http://www.chrismarr.co.uk chrismarr101

      Hey Nadia!

      Thanks for the 1st comment!

      I am also thinking about you and your family! It is very sad that our brothers are not with us any more. Something that we would never have dreamed of happening.

      Congratulations to you and your Hubby! I saw the pictures, it looked fantastic!!

      It would be nice to see you sometime in the future, all the best!


  • Seana Ward

    Wow, 4 years….still miss ya lots n lots, your cheeky wee face will never leave me! Hard to beleive that i’ve lost my big brother and my mum, also got married since you left us, time flys a tell you. Still, i bet your all having a mahooosive party up there! Make sure its decent music tho and not that boom, boom, rubbish your into heehee!!! Aw, don’t my flowers look pretty in your memorial? Heehee, bet your loving the pink!! Not! Anyhoo, lorra luv to you and think bout you everyday, Mwah! xxx

    p.s. Chris, what a fantastic thing you are doing, colin would be sooo proud of you, as is your mum etc too i bet. Fingers crossed for you all that justice is served, it’s the least you deserve. Lots a love, take care yeah?
    Seanie. xxx

    • http://www.chrismarr.co.uk chrismarr101

      Hi Seana,

      It is hard to believe isn’t it? Sorry to hear about your Mum and your brother…very sad!

      There will be more updates and if you feel like contributing please let me know and I can set it up so you can post your own story.

      Thanks for your kind words and thanks for taking the time to comment on the web page.

      Speak soon!


  • sam

    wow xx seems like forever since i saw ur face colin u r missed so much by so many xxx hope ur happy up there mate u deserve it xx with all our love hun xxx