Police Scotland Delay Action Against Office

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An e-mail we sent out to Police Scotland today We also added to this a comment stating that we hope that the delays they build in are deliberate as we would hate to think that such a genuine level of incompetence existed within Police Scotland. ##Start## Hello Mr McKenzie/Mr House, Thank you for your letter today responding to our note … Read More

Investigation Update January 29th 2013

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We do apologise for not updating anything until now but hopefully everyone understands that we have to be careful while the Strathclyde Police investigation is ongoing. We wanted to let people know that the investigation is reaching completion and we are awaiting meeting dates with the Crown Office in the coming days. While it is not right for us to … Read More

Investigation update

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It was our intention to keep publishing details about the investigation and our fight to date. In light of the decision to have this case investigated by Strathclyde police we feel that it is best to back off and ensure we do nothing to get in the way of this investigation. We can always present more at a later date … Read More

The Influence of Forensics in Colin’s Case

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Sorry for being later in delivering this but we are heavily focussed on preparation for our meeting with the Solicitor General on Monday. Forensics cover a broad spectrum of area of analysis with regards reviewing a site of a major incident. We have already covered fingerprints but need to consider blood splatter, drugs, DNA and general information at the scene. … Read More

An Overview of Fingerprints in Colin’s Case

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The Story of Finger Print’s in the case of Colin Marr                               If we accept that there were initial errors on the night of Colin Marr’s death, the communications from Fife Police would have us believe that this is the only failing. It seems worthy of note that in documentation we have, it was stated around February 2008 that this … Read More

The Pathology – An Overview

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The nature of the wound in this case is enough in itself to have this case treated as suspicious. We were informed last week, that in light of this case, every case of a stabbing to the chest will be treated as suspicious. Our understanding of this case was that was the belief of the eminent pathologists who attended the … Read More

Context and Background

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Over the last year or so there have been many points made in the newspapers about aspects of Colin’s case that show why it is highly suspicious. What we would like to do is share, over the course of a few weeks, the knowledge we have gained from the professional help we have been given across a broad range of … Read More