Colin – 5 Year Anniversary

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Colin - 1st Day at Primary School

Colin – 1st Day at Primary School – 1988 (4 years old)

It is now 5 years since you have gone and the loss does not get any easier. We do think about you lots and the many happy times we had together. It is unfortunate that when we remember those happy times it only heightens the fact that you are not here.

You will always be remembered for just being you. You made us laugh, your presence could lift a room and you had such a positive influence on us all.

– Mum

  • Leaghann Watson

    Hey, I can’t believe it is going to be 5 years on Tuesday, it feels just like yesterday we received the horrible news. Missing you loads, think of you always, sometimes i just forget your not here and expect to bump into you then I remember…

    L xxx

    PS to the guy who left the comment about fudge, i was in the office that day – oh what a laugh, the dog marked its terriorty a few times whilst we were hidding it in our wee room, fudge was as mischievous as Colin himself! xx

    ** And to the family I hope you are all doing okay just now, spk soon L

    • Chris

      Hi Leaghann,

      Time has certainly flown past! It’s hard to believe that it has been 5 years.

      Thanks for your lovely comments and thanks of coming over to Colin’s website and leaving your message.

      All the best,


  • Sarah Shaw

    Five years , although the time does seem to have rushed by , it has also dragged when thinking about all the family have had to endure during this time.

    It is still hard to believe that Colin is no longer with us .

    Keep Strong
    Love to you all

  • seanie

    Hey cheeky chops! 😀 5 years Eh?…..cannot get my head around that :( I won’t be there today cause I visited on Sunday, was there visiting mum….its her 2 year anniversary :( hope she’s looking after u up there (or is it the other way round?) Lol! Found some footy photos in colins stash the other day, some beauties in there Heehee. Man I miss ur face. U know how I feel so there’s no need to drivvle on, what I will say is something u used to tell me…..”Your one of God’s special people….and you don’t know…..that’s why your special. “Robbie Williams” will miss you forever. And ever.

    Lots of love, seanie.xxxxxxxxx