Colin Marr – 6 Year Anniversary – 10th July 2013

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A message from Colin’s Mum:

“Unbelievably today is 6 years since Colin is not with us . We really appreciate all the people who have taken the time to remember this sad day .

We have been quiet for some time now and it is time to share some of the areas that we are still pursuing.

Strathclyde police have identified that Colin was in an abusive relationship, there were no drugs issue and there was no evidence of him being suicidal. This is totally contradictory to what Fife Police have consistently pursued.

The Crown Office have confirmed that today Colin’s death is of a highly suspicious nature and will remain an open case. However Fife Police have remained an obstacle and will not admit the extent of their failings.

Among the many failings in this case it appears that it is ok for Fife police to hide the now accepted domestic abuse perpetrated upon Colin and hide this. For a senior officer to actually state the opposite of the known facts and share an alternative view with key people and not yet be deemed criminal or negligent by police or crown leaves us feeling how little value there is for human life within our justice system.

So we are still pursuing the officer and the fiscal responsible who have misled , lied and miscarried the truth behind Colin’s death. We will pursue till the end”.