Colin Marr Memorial Trust is attending Sleep in the Park

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Colin Marr Memorial Trust is taking part in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park event at Slessor Gardens in Dundee on Saturday 8 December 2018.

Colin’s dad Allen will be sleeping outdoors overnight alongside thousands of others to raise awareness of homelessness in Scotland and to raise funds to tackle the challenge of eradicating homelessness.

Speaking about his reasons for attending the event, Allen said “I’m really excited to be taking part in Sleep in the Park. I’m a member of the volunteer team at my local foodbank. I also work with people who have mental health challenges. My experiences in these roles have given me some insight into the tragic circumstances that some of the most vulnerable people in our communities are living under. Homelessness or living in temporary accommodation is often combined with other crisis factors such as poverty, addiction, malnutrition, debt, unemployment, family breakdown and resultant poor physical and mental health. The innocent victims of families who are struggling are usually the young children involved, and that is the main focus of Colin Marr Memorial Trust – to help children and young people.

Allen has made a personal donation to the cause and CMMT are also donating from the Trust’s funds. We here at CMMT would be very grateful if you would also consider donating a few pounds to this most worthwhile cause. Allen and CMMT are raising funds collectively with a team led by Social Good HQ. The team fundraising page is here.

Many thanks for your support!