Colin turns 28 on 18th January 2012

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Colin was born on 18th January 1984 and would have been celebrating his 28th birthday in 2012.

This year, I would like to encourage everyone to leave any birthday wishes and any stories right here, as a comment on this blog post. (Bebo is slowly becoming irrelevant so I would like to use Colin’s website for comments, etc).

All you need to do is add in some basic information and your comment below. All comments are moderated prior to publishing and will be published as quickly as possible.

Thanks everyone.

Jan 2012

Jan 2012

A message from Colin’s Mum…

“It is very hard to believe that Colin would be 28 today. It is impossible to state everything that I loved about Colin without feeling the loss that I do, and believe many others share.

Colin had a great sense of humour and, with it, a great presence; no one could ever not know when Colin was in a room…he had an uncanny ability to relate to people and somehow make them feel special.

Colin was always cheeky and mischievous and gave me many opportunities to meet his teachers, or should I say they wanted to see me; it was never serious, just Colin causing havoc by having a laugh.

I feel that Colin was far too young to be taken from us and therefore should be with us on his birthday. It is really still far too painful to talk about everything that was special to me, my focus has to be on getting justice for this lovely young man.”

– Mum XxX

  • Jane McConville

    I never met Colin…I wish I had. My thoughts are with Chris and all of his family on his birthday. Keep strong and you will get justice for him.

    • ChrisMarr

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to leave a few nice words.

      We really appreciate the support from everyone.

      Catch up soon?


  • nik wemyss

    i didnt know Colin,but have,in the past couple of years read many things about i said to Chris,if Colin and chris were at all alike Colin mustve been a great guy too.certainly all that ive read tells me a mum myself,i cannot imagine what you are going thro but i want you all to know that i hope this year brings some answers for you.i hope that on Colin’s birthday you can think happy thoughts and remember happy times,which im sure you do every other day too.your family and friends are always around to share your hard times.Colin wouldve been so proud of you all and the way you have dealt with the very dark times you mustve had.thinking of you all,nik x

    • Chris

      Hey Nik,

      Thanks a lot for the kind message. My Mum will be happy to read this.

      Thanks for your support.


  • charlie marshall

    Happy Birthday Colin, still can’t belive your gone.

    • Chris

      Thanks for your message Chaz!


  • Paula Wilson

    Dearest Colin. If I could wish for one thing just now it would be that you were here to celebrate your birthday with your family and friends. I never got to meet you but I know your brother and, judging by how awesome he is, no doubt you were exactly the same. It’s so cruel that you were taken from life so young and that your lovely family suffer the black hole of loss that you have left behind. That hurt is too unbearable for me to understand and I wish all the love and support to your family and friends who must miss you so much. Your birthday will be a day of celebration for your life and to the people who loved you and, I for one, will be raising a glass to your memory and your family xxx

  • Jamie

    I just wanted to let you know that i wish that you were here. Happy Birthday! We love you and miss you! xx

  • bob mcandrew

    Well m8 happy birthday. I can believe its bn nearly five years now.
    A true gent and friend 2many people who will never forget u.
    I found an old memory with pics of us at arches and vault. lol Il send them down2 chris.
    miss u big lad

    • Chris

      Hey Bob!

      Thanks for your message. It is hard to believe that it has almost been 5 years!!

      It would be great if you could send any photos you have through to me. I am going to be putting a photo gallery on the webpage shortly and I would like to have as many contributions as possible.

      Email me:



  • Sarah

    My Cousin Colin ,
    A cheeky chap , with an infectious smile who loved his family and enjoyed his life should be with us today .
    A truly beautiful person inside and out .

    Happy Birthday Dude….Miss you xx

  • Yvonne Bostock

    Well Colin was one of my boys the one who always asked the worst questions o! How I missed those questions happy birthday Colin xxxx

  • Johny

    Happy birthday bro. As always your in my thoughts. Not Forgotten!

  • Allen Marr

    Think about you every day, dream about you every night. Love Dad xx

  • Angus

    Happy Birthday :)

  • Sian Linton

    Colin, like a lot of these posts say i didnt get the chance to meet you, from all the work your family are doing to get justice for you, you must have been some guy!! I hope with all my heart that justice is served and you can lay in peace. My thoughts go out to the whole family. I hope you are all ok!

  • Alan Hill

    I remember taking Colin and others to play football for the Boys Brigade at Kincardine. The other team got a penalty and one of the older boys told Colin that he would go in goals. Colin told him to get lost. He didn’t save the penalty but he knew how to stand up for himself.

  • Adam

    Happy Birthday Colin, wish I knew you.

  • Paul

    You were stupid, you were funny, you were charming, you were the biggest poser I’ve ever know!!!, you were my brother and family and friend from before I can even remember. Love you and miss you forever Colin. Not Forgotten x x

  • Ryan (Giggsy)

    Today at work, I went to visit a new client in Livingston, and as the meeting progressed it came to light that I was actually at Colins work and I was speaking to his old boss… The mention of Colins name had an obvious impact on her, and she reflected warmly of the time Colin had just bought a puppy and hid it under his desk for the entire day. She added that Colin was a great guy, who was such a laugh and liked by everyone at his work.

    I think this sums Colin up perfectly – an extremely endearing, cheeky, lovable rouge, who was highly thought of by everyone who knew him.

    Happy Birthday man x

  • Marta Ramage

    Death leaves a heartache
    No one can heal;
    Love leaves a memory
    No one can steal

    You are always in my thoughts and no words will ever express the pain of not having you around. Love you always. Marta

  • suzanne

    Happy birthday Colin, I sure wherever u are ul b celebrating in style. Love to all ur family x

  • Seana Ward

    Well……my first love……is all I can say, cause that is what we were….you were a poser and I ran at your feet…. Naturally Heehee!! loved the fact that you were one of the most popular boys in school and you chose lil ole me to be your chick 😉 you drove me crazy at times, especially when you used to sing gods better people by Robbie to me……:-) but what I would give to have you back in our lives is unexplainable. You should be here…with us…..but instead we have memories and photos… can be so unfair,, the truth will come out in the end, dont you worry bout that. Anyway, rabbiting on (nothing changes huh!) wanted to wish you a very happy birthday up there, leave the lassies alone eh! Heehee, all my love coco, seanie.Xxxxx

  • Barbara

    Many a birthday was jointly celebrated between Colin & Paul and I remember them all ;-))
    Colin should be living the exciting life that was ahead of him, but this was taken from him, and we all now have a huge void in our lives.
    I love you as my own and miss you terribly. The boys will be together this weekend to celebrate your birthday for you are Not Forgotten. Hugs & Kisses xxxx

  • Anji miller

    Happy birthday Colin.
    My thoughts are with the family. Bless…..

  • chritian mcmahon

    Happy Birthday Colin gone way before your time. One of my favorite memories was on how big a tiesto fan you were and you used to rub it in about the amount of times you had seen him play!! At that time i vowed that i would become as big a fan as you so in that theme i thought i would dedicate a song on your birthday. Dj Tiesto – In my Memory.

    Sincere regards to all the family at this time.

  • Neil Mitchell

    Colin… you are gone but never forgotten. I remember playing at your house with my good friend at the time Chris, we had great fun. My deapest sympathies to your family and happy birthday.